Community Frogwatch Census Kit

TitleCommunity Frogwatch Census Kit
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMantle, B
Corporate AuthorsRegion, FACT and
Number of Pages45
PublisherGinninderra Catchment Group,
Call NumberBiodiversity FRO
Keywordscommunity engagement, conservation, fauna, habitat, threatened species, water quality

The Frogwatch program generates important information about the presence and approximate abundance of frog populations in the ACT and Region, and includes observations about habitat, vegetation and weather conditions.
The Frogwatch monitoring strategy has been developed in collaboration with expert staff from the ACT Government and the University of Canberra, and has been designed to compliment their existing professional monitoring program. All Frogwatch data is verified by the Frogwatch Coordinator using audio recordings, and any unusual, rare or difficult identifications are also verified by our expert technical advisors.
The data that we generate is used by a number of groups including: Community and Catchment Groups;
ACT Government Wildlife Research and Monitoring Unit; Teachers and Students; ACT Commissioner for the Environment - State of the Environment Reporting.
"National Water Week" [On front cover]

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Short TitleCommunity Frogwatch Census Kit