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Biblio Insights : case studies on how farmers are successfully managing rivers, streams and creeks on wool properties / Land and Water Australia Wed 19/Dec/2018
Biblio Genetically modified crops in Australia : the next generation : summary report / Julie Glover ... [et al.] Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Plantations and water : plantation impacts on stream flow / Rodney J Keenan ... [et al.] Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Old growth forests in Australia : conservation status and significance for timber production / Rodney J. Keenan & Michael F. Ryan Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Co-ordinated land use mapping for Australia : information for landscape solutions /​ Rob Lesslie ... [et al.] Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Managing connected surface water and groundwater resources /​ Imogen Fullagar ... [et al.] Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Climate change : adaptation in agriculture /​ Anthony Clark ... [et al.] Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Assessment of vegetation condition : an indicator of sustainable, productive ecosystems / Richard Thackway, Sabrina Sonntag and Rodney J. Keenan Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Managing the menace of agricultural sleeper weeds /​ David Cunningham ... [et al.] Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Australia's pest animals : new approaches to old problems /​ Quentin Hart and Mary Bomford Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Sourcing the salt : how to identify if your catchment is contributing to a salinity problem /​ Peter Baker ... [et al.] Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Rural lifestyle landholders : implications for rural policy makers, natural resource managers and communicatiors / Heather Aslin Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Understanding the Land through the Eyes of the Ngunnawal People Tue 18/Dec/2018
Biblio Managing phosphorus in catchments / J Croke Wed 12/Dec/2018
Biblio River flows and blue-green algae / J Croke Wed 12/Dec/2018
Biblio Planning for river restoration / S Lovett and B Edgar Wed 12/Dec/2018
Biblio Inland rivers and floodplains /​ R T Kingsford Wed 12/Dec/2018
Biblio Managing woody debris in rivers / I. Rutherfurd ... [et al.] Wed 12/Dec/2018
Biblio Managing stock / Phil Price and Siwan Lovett Wed 12/Dec/2018
Biblio Riparian habitat for wildlife / Phil Price and Siwan Lovett Wed 12/Dec/2018
Biblio Maintaining in-stream life / Phil Price and Siwan Lovett Tue 11/Dec/2018
Biblio River landscapes : fact sheet / Land & Water Australia Tue 11/Dec/2018
Biblio Improving water quality / Phil Price and Siwan Lovett Tue 11/Dec/2018
Biblio Managing riparian land / Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation Tue 11/Dec/2018
Biblio Development and application of a method for the rapid appraisal of riparian condition /​ Amy Jansen ... [et al.]. Tue 11/Dec/2018